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What tips do you have for newly minted managers?

The role of an individual contributor is different from that of a manager. Many people find themselves in over their heads at the beginning of taking on this new role. Many people have difficulty sleeping and/or relaxing. These reactions are … Continue reading

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Employee Motivation vs. Manipulation

Employee Motivation vs. Manipulation Timely thoughts on long-term organizational success

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What is the fundamental error that causes most new small businesses to fail?

The error that I see over and over is failing to spend enough time articulating the vision and then prematurely moving forward without a written business plan.  One of my favorite sayings is, “If you fail to plan, then plan … Continue reading

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What is the biggest mistake you see people make in exploring new careers?

Generally, the biggest problem people encounter is their resistance to staying in a place of uncertainty.  They end their inquiry prematurely and try to come to a decision too fast.  I try to help people become more comfortable with being … Continue reading

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What is this blog all about?

I am an organizational consultant, career counselor and coach.  I enjoy working with individuals and organizations to turn challenges into business opportunities.  I also provide personal growth coaching aimed at deep transformation.  You can find my complete professional background on … Continue reading

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Leadership Quality Poll – Multiple Choice

I worded my question badly, but what you need to do is pick THREE qualities from the list.  Below the survey is an inquiry, be sure to read that because it’s about learning about yourself. The list of possible answers … Continue reading

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