Understanding Integral Coaching – an introduction (Part 1)

About Pat

I'm an organizational development specialist, career counselor and personal development coach. My other interests are diverse, but I'm primarily concerned with helping people to lead a productive and meaningful life. I currently maintain two blogs on WordPress. One is directed more toward a business audience and the other will most appeal to the general public. My Masters is in Integral Psychology and I also attended Coaches Training Institute. I like an work in Silicon Valley and work with people from all over the world.
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One Response to Understanding Integral Coaching – an introduction (Part 1)

  1. patca63 says:

    This is a very good introduction to the Integral Model as it is applied in coaching and organizations. While it doesn’t start from the absolute basics, you can get a good feel how this very broad perspective could be utilized to understand and resolve complex problems. I often leverage this model when working with organizational issues because it can encompass all the nuances and complexities that can occur when people are working together. It also forces one to look at the hidden assumptions and other hidden aspects that influence decision making. It is also a great approach with highly motivated clients who want to transform themselves and move up to higher developmental levels. I look forward to publishing more links, articles and information on this method and invite your comments, insights, etc.

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