Good Tips for Would Be Entrepreneurs

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In tough times, you may need advice and guidance to help your business go down the right path.

That is why, last Friday, the Madrid International Lab hosted a presentation starring Rodolfo Carpintier in which they offered a number of tips for entrepreneurs to start their career or improve their situation.

Rodolfo Carpintier is a serial entrepreneur that has been involved in Internet over 27 years, well before the Web. He is now leading, the leading Spanish online Magazine for technology and Internet Business models.
His group, Digital Assets Deployment (Dad) is the first business incubator of Internet and 2.0 Technologies based projects in Spain, with a presence in Europe, USA, China and Latin America, supporting entrepreneurs to launch their business based on the Seed Capital concept. See


In total, there are 10 issues to consider:

  1. Analyze your business model with your friends. Use social networks and contacts for them…

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