Patrick Goonan Consulting was founded to assist leaders in creating business cultures in which people feel valued and empowered — resulting in higher performance. His mission is to partner with business leaders to create business cultures which are flexible and resilient allowing organizations to adapt to rapid change.

Pat brings strategic and tactical competence to every client situation. He has an enduring commitment to high ethical standards and measurable results. You will find him to be honest and trustworthy offering innovative solutions based on his broad experience in a variety of industries and roles. Pat is personally committed to your success providing consulting and coaching with backbone and heart.

Primary Concentration:

  • Deep inquiry, mission statements and strategic plans
  • Transformational leadership coaching and training
  • Organizational assessments (team assessments, 360 feedback, etc.)
  • Team coaching and mentoring
  • Conflict resolution
  • Planning and facilitation of organizational change
  • Management development programs and soft skills training
  • Recruiting and interviewing
  • Customized workshops to support organizational goals

Other Services:

  • Career counseling, especially for career changers
  • Job search, personal marketing plans and resumes
  • Personal growth and stress management coaching
  • Interview skills and video taping

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  1. patca63 says:

    How do I get to the poll? Unfortunately, you need to use the search box for now! Just enter the keyword “poll.” As I often say, the perfect is the enemy of the good.” At this stage, I have put my stake in the ground and from there, I intend to do continuous quality improvement.

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