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  1. David Crellin says:

    Hello, I want to extend thanks for your very informative article on the differences between life and executive coaching. There is a dearth of analysis regarding this topic. I am on the verge of committing to a coach training program and want to focus on Executive Coaching. I have narrowed down a few choices in schools that offer in-person training in my area (Seattle)- CTI & IPEC. CTI offers no specialized training toward the executive path. I read on your “about” page that you studied at CTI. I was wondering if you might offer your opinion as regards the applicability of training at CTI to the executive model. And if you have any knowledge of IPEC or other paths you might recommend. I appreciate your time and any knowledge you might offer.

    Thank you,
    David Crellin

    • Pat says:

      David – I like the CTI Model a lot. It’s simple, powerful and difficult to get into trouble. You may feel drawn to something else and one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. With that said, while having more than one model to draw on is good, how you implement any good model will probably have a bigger impact. You must get familiar with several and preferably be on the other end.

      I hope that helps. There may be others who wish to camp on too. I would look at the Integral Model or Integral Coaching too. That is a very broad framework and perhaps a phase two step.

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