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How to Leverage Your Network the Integral Way

BY: Patrick D. Goonan If you have an address book in any form, you have a network.  Another word for a network or a market is a community.  How you choose to nurture your connections is a choice and one … Continue reading

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An introduction to applying the integral model in executive coaching and organizational development

By: Patrick Goonan In general,  an unconditional attitude of friendliness toward yourself as a condition for deep transformation is indispensable. Also, it is important to have skillful needs to work with your past conditioning.  Skillful means can includes things like cognitive … Continue reading

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Higher Education offering diminishing value

Higher Education offering diminishing value A good article from the Economist on the state of higher education.  Why can’t we get this right?  We used to be number one is this area and now we are somewhere at around 23.  … Continue reading

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15 Phrases That Build Bridges Between People

15 Phrases Article This is a great article about getting back to basic people skills. If everyone did these things well we would see a mass transformation of our working environment.

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What is the fundamental error that causes most new small businesses to fail?

The error that I see over and over is failing to spend enough time articulating the vision and then prematurely moving forward without a written business plan.  One of my favorite sayings is, “If you fail to plan, then plan … Continue reading

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